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About S.Koltsov



Sergei Koltsov is a great Russian physicist who graduated from the mathematics faculty of Moscow University. He worked for a long time in the aerospace sector, where he was in charge of the development of flight control algorithms for the Russian space shuttle "Buran". Following the collapse of the Soviet Union, the project was closed. With a disability certificate for hypertension, Sergei Koltsov could not pursue his career: long days and nights of work in deplorable conditions got the better of him.


Koltsov realized that his health had become critical: almost all of his blood vessels had been compromised. But he refused to act in the traditional way.  His fighting character pushed him to start his own research to find a way to fight against his health problems. Thus he decided to develop his own simple to use health-restoring device.


His holistic approach to health has led him to view the human body as a complex program. According to him, "the human body is a biological system", and "in every system, the most important thing is the transfer of information", even if the functioning of a biological system is undoubtedly much more complex than that of a spaceship.


After Koltsov launched his project, many Russian scientists began to agree with him. Thus, Koltsov was able to rely on a solid basis of scientific studies dealing with the connections that exist between all living beings, as well as man's place in the Universe, and whose conclusion was that: man is an integral part of a complex and infinite system. A quantum, metaphysical approach, according to which we are in constant interaction with the Unity or the Whole, and where the interaction rests on the exchange of energy and therefore information. This approach served as a starting point for the studies that thirty years later led to the design of these amazing devices, called Functional State Correctors.


For a long time, Sergei Koltsov fed the idea of developing an information transmission device to act on human physiology and water. He was closely interested in chronobiology, quantum physics, quantum medicine*, the work of scalar waves, and research on the Earth's magnetic field and water memory.


In nature, water is the element that allows the transmission of information to living organisms. The role of water was demonstrated by the Russian biological scientist and researcher, Stanislav Zenin*. It was he who defended for the first time in the world a thesis on the memory of water.


The role of the FSC device is to transport vital information to the body by means of aqueous media and to correct the effects of fluctuations in the earth's magnetic field by promoting the adaptation of a biological object to changes in external conditions.


For this purpose, Sergei Koltsov has created a device capable of reading and recording the unique spectrum of electromagnetic vibrations of any object or form of life, for example, plants, crystals, water sources. All these frequencies are recorded on a small medium, made of a special magnetic resin, a secret component of the aerospace and military industry of the former Soviet bloc, which today is used in the manufacture of Functional State Correctors (FSC).


Ferromagnetic resin was created and immediately classified as a secret in the 1950s, in the former USSR. It is still used in the aerospace and military industry. It is a resin containing iron ions at specific nanoscale*. Any electromagnetic flux or electromagnetic wave, as they pass through this grid, changes its structure and takes the predefined information.


Initially, Sergei Koltsov intended to create a single information medium, but he soon realized that a single plate could not be enough to solve the main problems faced by humanity, given the complexity of the human being: many factors come into play.


This is how the first FSCs were created. Each plate diffuses particular information which can come from plants used in medicine, edible herbs, crystals and minerals, water sources with therapeutic virtues, ayurvedic preparations and vortex fields...


Over the years, Koltsov and his team have learned to collect more complex information from Places of Force* and to capture and record on FSC energy information channels*. This is how the other FSC series were created.





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*Quantum Medicine is an informational treatment of the cells of a body on the quantum, subatomic level in order to heal. We call it bioenergetic healing. It uses the devices like Functional state correctors that detect and analyze the frequencies that are being emitted from your body with the ability to detect problems and treat them. This is the most advanced way to eliminate and prevent disease.

Quantum is the understanding that matter and energy are one and the same and that anything that exists (including thoughts, bacteria, cells, plants) has an energy signature that is transmitted and shared with the universe.  There are no bounds to how our physical minds, bodies and spirit influences all that is within us and around us.

In the field of Quantum Medicine, we understand that healing our patients has a profound impact not only on the patient but on the entire planet and to the universe and whatever is arising in the mind and the body can be due to planetary or universal factors. We also understand that our actions, thoughts and body influence the world around us.


*Stanislav Zenin is famous Russian scientist, President of the International Academy of Energy and Information Sciences, Member of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, Head of the "Water Biophysics" laboratory of the National Institute of Ecology and Environment (INEE) at the Russian Ministry of Health.


*Nanoscale can refer to things less than 100 nanometers in size. A nanometre is a billionth of a meter.


*Places of Force are often located above fracture zones in the earth's crust. It is through these faults that the earth releases excess energy which is why these places are of a higher energy level.


*Energy information channels are made up of constant energy levels, pure and invisible to human eye. Cosmoenergy is a unique method for a person’s physical, emotional, and spiritual self-healing and self-improvement using the informational component of the Universe referred to as “channels”. The knowledge connected to healing and self-improvement by means of channels had long been used by many sages and healers of our past, but thanks to modern-day research, it is now widely available to anyone willing to use it in a form of Functional State Corrector. The method of Cosmoenergy by using the external energy information channels can activate a person’s inner potential, relieves tension and stress, and transforms pathological processes leading to diseases and various life problems.

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