On the core cellular informational level, the FSC-bracelet « Awareness » helps organisms to confront various disorders and diseases, including:

  • various hereditary diseases

  • sleep disturbances

  • nervous system disorders

  • immune deficiency

  • intoxication

  • diseases of different organs and systems

  • stress, burn-out, overwork

On the psycho-emotional level, the FSC-bracelet « Awareness » can help in:

  • Understanding the origins of psychosomatic disorders and disease symptoms

  • Identifying the root causes of deterioration of health

  • Recovering both mental balance and inner harmony


FSC-bracelet « Awareness » promotes:

  • Formation of aversion to addictions - alcohol, tobacco, bulimia, etc.

  • Dissolution of false dangers to life and health

The FSC-bracelet « Awareness » diffuses some information from the following FSCs: No. 11 « Healthy Lifestyle », No. 17 « Renaissance », « Three Saints », « Anticataclysm », as well as the energy from the «Baghiata» source located in South Ossetia.

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