The FSC-bracelet « Activator of Intellect » can contribute to the proper functioning of the:

  • nervous system

On the core cellular informational level, the FSC-bracelet « Activator of Intellect » helps organisms to cope with various disorders and diseases, including:

  • neurological disorders

  • neuroses, anxieties, depressions

  • psycho-emotional imbalance

  • dysfunction of the two hemispheres of the brain

The FSC-bracelet « Activator of Intellect » can help to:

  • develop talents, to express creative gifts

  • harmonise relations

  • erase negative programs

  • get to the essence of things

  • harmonise all energy centres

The FSC-bracelet « Activator of Intellect » favours:

  • concentration

  • physical resistance

  • increased interest in studies

  • ability to capture large volumes of information

  • spiritual initiation

  • development of intuition and perceptions

  • raising of consciousness


The FSC-bracelet « Activator of Intellect » diffuses some information from the following FSCs: « Indi », « Neurovita », «Love», FSC N13 « Healthy Intellect ».

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