The FSC-bracelet « Power of Light » can help to:

  • protect oneself and one's loved ones against any external intrusion into the energy field of the person carrying it

  • be free in making decisions and carrying out one's life project

  • clean up the energy field and create an energy-informational defence system

  • strengthen immunity and ensuring its proper functioning

  • regain health rapidly after illness or surgery

This FSC promotes:

  • Cleansing and harmonising all energy centres (chakra), and subtle bodies (Aura)

  • Protection from negative spiritual forces and from aggressive spiritual entities

  • Protection from negative mental impacts such as a curse, evil eye, grudge and evil speech

  • Protection from supernatural negative acts such as hex/black magic/sorcery or similar types of occult attack

  • Breaking generational (ancestral) curse

  • Elimination of a family curse

  • Neutralising of bad influences

  • Release of blocked energies, fears

  • Karma cleanse

  • Restoration of the Aura       


The FSC-bracelet « Power of Light » diffuses some information from the following FSCs: N°20 « Energy Cleanse », N°23 « Liberation », N°24 « Enlightenment », « Barbara Spring».

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