FSC-bracelet "Venorm" contributes to:


  • Elimination of swelling

  • Prevention of varicose veins and diseases of the peripheral veins

  • Normalisation of lymph circulation

  • Restoration of peripheral blood circulation (blood circulation in the extremities)

  • Prevention of cardiovascular diseases, diseases of the central nervous system, including heart attacks and strokes

  • Prevention of atherosclerosis (loss of elasticity of the arteries)

FSC- Bracelet "Venorm":

  • Favours the purification of the vascular system against atheromatous plaques (atherosclerosis)

  • Strengthen of the body's endurance and adaptation to physical effort

  • Favours the elimination of the feeling of fatigue, the recovery of physical strength

  • Promotes rapid recovery of physical forces in case of chronic fatigue syndrome

  • Helps to enhance the immune system


The FSC-bracelet "Venorm" diffuses the information of Functional State Correctors:: "Pearl of Serbia", "Jiva", "The Winner", as well as the information of source of water  "Legs" from Mongolia (Bulgan, Northern region).

Du bist ein Wesen mit Schwingungen in einem Universum mit Schwingungen. 

Der Berater für Funktionskorrektoren ist kein Arzt. Daher ist sein Rat niemals ein Ersatz für die herkömmliche medizinische oder psychosoziale Diagnostik und Behandlung, und sollte niemals als solche betrachtet werden.   Disclaimer & Haftungsausschluss

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