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The FSC-bracelet « Vitabalance » can contribute to the proper functioning of the:

  • pancreas

  • digestive system

  • immune system

On the core cellular informational level, the FSC-bracelet « Vitabalance » helps organisms to confront various disorders and diseases, including:

  • irritable bowel syndrome

  • metabolic disorders

  • digestive problems

  • skin lesions

  • immune deficiency

  • inflammatory, bacterial diseases

  • disorders of insulin production and assimilation

  • high cholesterol


The FSC-bracelet « Vitabalance » diffuses some information from the following FSCs: « Balance », « Key to health », «Amaranth », as well as information from the water source located in Mongolia.

To know more about the FSC-bracelets please read the article: 10 essential things to know before buying an FSC-bracelet

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