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The Koltsov plate “Guardian of Life” in your life would give you the opportunity to be in a constant state of joy knowing you are protected and preserved, to be under the protection of the forces of Light, to receive the help and support of the Goddess Bereguinia.

The energy of this FSC: 

  • Enables a person to receive protection and support in life, and gives protection to the family especially in difficult and life-threatening times

  • Helps to preserve and safeguard the beauty and grace of nature

  • Promotes the preservation of friendship and love, as well as human creations – the results of their co-creation with the Higher Powers

  • Helps to access higher consciousness and raises self-awareness

  • Increases personal intuition, allowing one to hear and perceive guidance and clues from higher forces

  • Leads to the understanding that the world in which man lives is his home, a haven of peace, and where everyone is open to the light

  • Strongly backs faith in the possibility of receiving external help and support at various points in life

  • Helps one to stay zeroed-in and not succumb to negative moods or outside influences

  • Provides support and confidence in simple and complex affairs

At the core cellular-informational level, the FSC “Guardian of life” helps the body cope with various disorders and diseases of:

  • The musculoskeletal system (arthritis, osteoarthritis, bursitis, etc.) and cartilage tissue

  • The pelvic organs, including in the context of a sedentary lifestyle

  • The central nervous system

It promotes better blood microcirculation and muscle relaxation, particularly helpful with diseases of the central nervous system.

The FSC “Guardian of life” is recommended as part of long-term therapy, in infantile cerebral diplegia (INN), multiple sclerosis, in case of paralysis and paresis, in the post-stroke period, and in the period following a head trauma.

This FSC also stimulates the absorption of group B vitamins by the body, improving the condition of the skin, hair and nails.

The FSC “Guardian of life” diffuses the information from the cosmo-energetic channel “Goddess Bereguinia”

It takes 4 hours to structure the water with the FSC “Guardian of life”

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