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FSC « Energy of health » helps turn unwellness into healthy energy and allows you to feel the joy of being in good health.

  • Designed to trigger the rejuvenation process of a person’s physical body by increasing their energy level

  • Stimulates the identification and removal of different types of negative energy and information influences, and levels down the impact of illnesses caused by these influences

  • Harmonises the element of “Air”, giving rise to active energy which encourages the desire to move and to be healthy

  • Increases a person’s ability to exercise willpower and to show strength of spirit and intention in order to achieve positive change

  • Stimulates a healthy bronchopulmonary system 

  • Has a positive influence on pains of the soul and their symptoms in the physical body

  • Triggers the 4 important basic principles in a person, i.e. love, faith, desire and awareness, in order to live a comfortable life in harmony with today’s new energies. 

  • Injects more energy into a person, fills them with vitality and protects them from negativity

  • Makes a person more aware, increases the power of thought and helps to make positive changes to destiny

  • Helps in maintaining a person’s energy and emotional balance

  • Boosts the union of human hearts of different nationalities and religions, helps to eliminate conflicts and improves the Universe

  • Transmits the spiritual potential of energy through a person, and, by way of dreams, can indicate to the subconscious what type of cure can be envisaged and how to carry it out

  • Makes it possible for a person to get their bearings more quickly in outside situations, to make a different decision if necessary, and to take advantage of the moment for their own good and that of those close to them

  • Helps to be happy about life’s changes and to bring positive changes to a person’s life by ridding the body both of physical and energetic stagnation

  • Helps a person to achieve a reputation and recognition in their activities

  • Fills a person with the energy of luck, good fortune, and opens life’s paths

  • Helps protect against accidents and disasters, and helps remove life’s obstacles


  • Protect from electromagnetic radiation

  • Increase resistance and adaptability to negative factors of the environment

  • Structure water or any other liquid, including the liquids of our body

  • Promote revitalization and well-being


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