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FSC «Happiness» boosts the connection to the energy of happiness and triggers the joy of happiness.

FSC « Happiness » boosts:

  • The triggering and the harmonisation of the element of “fire” in a person, helping them to build harmonious links with their inner world, with other people and with nature

  • An awakening of the conscience and an understanding of the clarity of life’s objectives 

  • Being in a state of joy and youthful energy

  • Health and life-expectancy, and triggers a person’s ability (as their spiritual potential and their personal intentions develop) to communicate with the subtle planes 

  • The triggering of the Creator’s inner force which helps a person to create their desired reality and helps turn life’s problems and negative events into positive experiences

  • The love of self and being in harmony with yourself, seeing yourself as an important drop in the united ocean of the Universe, so inspiring a feeling of happiness 

  • Removal of states of anxiety, emotional involvement in worries, low morale, dejection and apathy

  • Restoration of ancestral memory in order to realise previously accumulated life experience

Additional recommendations concerning the use of the FSC “Happiness”

One at a time, place the FSC “Happiness” onto the carotid arteries on the left and right of the neck. When you touch the right carotid artery, hold the FSC “Happiness” in your right hand, and when you touch the left carotid artery, hold the FSC “Happiness” in your left hand.

The Yarilo cosmic-energy channel has been polarised and recorded on the FSC “Happiness”.

Water takes 6 hours to be structured using the FSC “Happiness”.


  • Protect from electromagnetic radiation

  • Increase resistance and adaptability to negative factors of the environment

  • Structure water or any other liquid, including the liquids of our body

  • Promote revitalization and well-being


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