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Enables us to be in a state of joy and emotional stability, and to overcome life’s difficulties.

•  Helps us to carry out good intentions 

•  Promotes the accumulation of internal energy to help us to achieve our objectives

•  Boosts our ability to deal with our different emotional states 

•  Strengthens the Force of the Soul

•  Promotes our self-control and gives us the necessary strength to overcome life’s challenges

•  Provides us with the means of developing our experience in a new area 

•  Unlocks knowledge of the secrets of the Universe 

•  Promotes wisdom, patience and understanding of life in harmony with everybody

•  Stimulates creative ambitions in life

•  Enables us to follow the path of Divine Ambitions and Achievements 

•  Opens our spiritual eyes and ears and enables us to look closely at everything that happens

•  Stimulates a clear mind 

•  As Spiritual Awakening develops, opens our awareness of our past, our present and our future 

By using FSC “FORCE OF SPIRIT” in your life, you will be given the opportunity of developing spiritually and of experiencing the emotion of God Gel – “Geladast” – the joy of self-control and patience.

The cosmoenergy channel of God Gel has been polarised and recorded on FSC “FORCE OF SPIRIT”.

Water takes 2 hours to be structured using FSC “FORCE OF SPIRIT”. 



  • Schützen vor elektromagnetischer Strahlung

  • Erhöhen die Widerstandsfähigkeit und Anpassungsfähigkeit an negative Umwelteinflüsse

  • Strukturieren Wasser oder andere Flüssigkeiten, einschließlich der Flüssigkeiten unseres Körpers

  • Fördern die Revitalisierung und des Wohlbefindens


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