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Cosmoenergy is a special way for an individual to achieve self-healing physically, emotionally, and spiritually, as well as to achieve self-improvement with the use of the universe’s informational constituent known as “channels”. Within the channels are constant energy levels, pure and not visible to human eye. Sages and healers in ancient times were used to the mastery of self-healing and self-improvement with channels. However, due to contemporary research, people now have the opportunity to utilize it as Functional State Corrector (FSC). Cosmoenergy method involving the use of external energy information channels can bring about the activation of the inherent potential of an individual, relief tension and stress, and help with the transformations of pathological processes that leads to diseases and a variety of life problems.

Over time, there has been confirmation of cosmoenergy’s potency by many patients as well as several scientific studies carried out by the International Classic Cosmoenergy Federation. Some of the proofs that ‘channels’ are real are several scientific studies carried out by researchers and eight patents. These are likewise proof that they are effective in the restoration of health.  One of the contemporary healing methods is the use of cosmoenergy supplements although it is still an unconventional approach.  The admission of the International Classic Cosmoenergy Federation to the highest medical institution (World Health Organization of the United Nations) happened in December 2009.

Cosmoenergy method does not have affiliation with any religion. Today, with the help of Functional State Correctors, anyone can access it.

With Cosmoenergy, there is just the supplementation and expansion of all other methods. In practice, it proves that when we combine ancient wisdom with our contemporary science findings the achievements of our modern science, we have potent and surprisingly effectual healing method.

While an active session was ongoing with Functional State Corrector, there was the recording of energy information channels and led to the penetration of the physical bodies and awareness of the individual putting in efforts to eliminate gradually the problems of the user and influence of negative energy.

“Channels” are unlimited and has the ability cleanse, and is medicinal and protective in nature. They have a benign effect and are free of any harm.

When the subtle body and chakras of an individual are undergoing purification gradually, it normalizes the body’s organs crucial energy flow and improves psycho-emotional state that helps to treat and cure illnesses as well as help in developing someone spiritually in a holistic manner.

The use of Functional State Corrector is special due to being able to control the channels to affect all part of the body of the individual in the absence of any harm. The recording of energy information channels makes it easy even for a user that is not prepared to work with them.

Classical Cosmoenergy channels (Lilac Series) and Theurgy "MAYA" energy information channels (Golden, Collection, Elite series) are the two kinds of cosmoenergy channels recorded on Functional State Correctors. The recording of energy information channels makes it easy even for a user that is not prepared to work with them.

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