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       FSC №24 « Enlightenment » promotes:


  • Elimination of entities and other low vibratory energies.                           

  • Protection from negative spiritual forces and from aggressive spiritual entities              

  • Elimination of informational viruses that control the persona (sects, various groups, media)

  • Development of confidence and self-assertion

  • Breakdown of the energy  attachment  to different egregores* such as alcohol, drugs, sex and gambling

  • Clearing negative energy from a space

  • Restoration of the Aura

FSC №24 « Enlightenment » contains the energy information channel of the Theurgy "MAYA" - SKHOPPOL .

Energy information channels are recorded in such a form that even unprepared user is able to work with them.


Cosmoenergy is a unique method for a person’s physical, emotional, and spiritual self-healing and self-improvement using the informational component of the Universe referred to as “channels”. The channels are made up of constant energy levels, pure and invisible to humans eye. The knowledge connected to healing and self-improvement by means of channels had long been used by many sages and healers of our past, but thanks to modern-day research, it is now widely available to anyone willing to use it in a form of Functional State Corrector. The method of Cosmoenergy by using the external energy information channels can activate a person’s inner potential, relieves tension and stress, and transforms pathological processes leading to diseases and various life problems.


The use of high-level Theurgy "MAYA" energy information channels can help to :


  • Become liberated from past hurts that were draining your energy and feel lighter and freer

  • Feel a sense of being connected to life, and everything around you as you become more compassionate and calm

  • Think outside conventional rules and escape the system, so that you can truly live free

  • Develop a sharpened intuition that lets you make better decisions faster and with more confidence

  • Bring all 4 dimensions (physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual) of our existence into alignment

  • Start to feel luckier and as though changing the world is easy for you

  • Experience the joy of living your passion and loving what you do

  • Gain clarity about your mission and get the motivation to make it a reality

  • Protect yourself from negative energy impacts

*Egregore (also egregor) is an esoteric concept representing a "thoughtform" or "collective group mind", an autonomous psychic entity made up of, and influencing, the thoughts of a group of people.

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