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FSC n°3 « Woman health » 


  • Contributes to the restoration of endocrine functions

  • Helps to normalize woman’s hormone activity

  • Promotes the restoration of genital organ function in women

  • Favours silhouette correction in problem areas, weight loss

  • Helps to reduce cellulite

  • Helps with female fertility and problems with pregnancy

  • Promotes female revitalisation and well-being

  • Helps to enhance the immune system

  • Reinforces woman’s adaptability to external negative factors

  • Helps to normalizes the biological rhythms of the brain

FSC №3 contains the polarization* of the following components:

  • Preparation based on salmon DNA, stimulating the woman's endocrine system, intracellular exchange, and the gynecological sphere.

  • Topinambour

  • Polarization of Chinese tea from the Hainan high mountain plantations: global normalization of metabolism;

  • Ginger - Ginger

  • Pineapple

  • Caucasian Elleborus

  • The fruit of the dragon of Thailand

  • Pomelo from Thailand (fat burner)

  • Anticellulite 1: subcutaneous fat burner

  • Anticellulite 2: visceral fat burner

  • Cosmetological tea, relaxing, cell regeneration accelerator

  • Thistle


*Polarization is the process of reading and recording the unique spectrum of electromagnetic vibrations of any object or form of life, such as a plant, crystal, water source, etc. and transferring all of these frequencies (information component) on a special magnetic support.


The Functional State Corrector (FSC) is a magnetic device, which constantly diffuses information favorable to all living forms.

All Functional State Correctors (FSC)

  • Protect from electromagnetic radiation

  • Increase resistance and adaptability to negative factors of the environment

  • Structure water or any other liquid, including the liquids of our body

  • Restore energy balance and promote inner harmony

  • Promote revitalization and well-being


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