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      FSC « Amaranth » promotes:


  • Strengthening of the immune system

  • Restoration of functioning of cardiovascular system

  • Prevention of cardiovascular diseases

  • Improvement of skin elasticity

  • Normalisation of metabolism

  • Enhancement of digestive health

  • Blood pressure regulation

  • Correction of liver and kidney functions

  • Tissue regeneration

  • Silhouette correction

  • Restoration and rejuvenation of skin

  • Reduction of cellulite

A polarization* of Amaranth plant, seed and oil was recorded on the FSC « Amaranth ».


Amaranth (in Greek - "amarantos") means "the unfading flower”. In America, the Indians called it "the golden grain of God", "Aztec wheat", "bread of the Incas". In India it was called "Rama Dana", which means "God-given". The reason amaranth has been cultivated for more than 8,000 years now is what it contains – nutrients.

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations has designated amaranth as the culture of the 21st century. The composition of amaranth is unique. It contains squalene* and phytosterols, a large number of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, proteins, polyunsaturated fatty acids, and other active biological substances.

Squalene*, among other things, has the ability to significantly strengthen immune defenses. Since squalene is part of the composition of epidermal cells, it easily penetrates the body. Squalene provides protection against radiation and is transformed into vitamin D in the body.

*Squalene was first discovered in the liver of a deep-water shark. Shark liver is still considered one of the best foods available on the market. But it contains only 1 to 1.5% squalene. Amaranth oil, on the other hand, contains more than 8% squalene, and is well assimilated into the body.

What are the benefits of Amaranth?

  • Helps fight inflammation

  • Improves bone health

  • Strengthens the heart

  • Might fight diabetes

  • Fights cancer

  • Might aid weight loss

  • Improves vision

  • Combats anemia



*Polarization is the process of reading and recording the unique spectrum of electromagnetic vibrations of any object or form of life, such as a plant, crystal, water source, etc. and transferring all of these frequencies (information component) on a special magnetic support.


The Functional State Corrector (FSC) is a magnetic device, which constantly diffuses information favorable to all living forms.


All Functional State Correctors (FSC)

  • Protect from electromagnetic radiation

  • Increase resistance and adaptability to negative factors of the environment

  • Structure water or any other liquid, including the liquids of our body

  • Restore energy balance and promote inner harmony

  • Promote revitalization and well-being


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