FSC-bracelet «Grace» promotes:


  • Inner strength, mental clarity

  • Elimination of nervous tension, irritability, fatigue

  • Revelation of artistic potential, promotes creativity and inspiration

  • Development of intuition

  • State of harmony, love, peace and serenity

  • Better connection to the Source

  • Resolution of conflict situations

  • Acceptance and recognition

  • Harmonisation of all spheres of life

  • Spiritual and bodily practices

  • Elimination of negative energy influences

  • Enhancement of the user's vibrations


The FSC-bracelet «Grace» diffuses information from the following places:

  • Water source of Reverend Sergius of Radonezh, Russia

  • Water source of Saint Savva Storojevski, Russia

  • Source of the Virgin of Kazan near the village of Radonezh in Russia

  • Source of Reverend Varnava of Gethsemane,  Russia


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