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FSC-bracelet «Magnate» promotes

  • Mental clarity, strength

  • Ability to live in the present moment, to be here and now

  • Clear formulation of goals and setting of right priorities

  • Activating the internal capacity to achieve goals

  • Discovering  maximum potential

  • Attraction of material and spiritual wealth

  • Realisation of desires and intentions

  • Liberation of creative potential

  • Elimination of psycho-emotional tension

  • Creation of harmonious relationships

  • Expansion of consciousness, inner peace         

  • Feelings of well-being, ease and joy         

  • Harmony in all spheres of a person's life: work, leisure, family


On a physical level, it contributes to:

  • treatment of headaches of various origins

  • restoration of cerebral blood circulation

  • normalisation of intracranial tension

  • proper functioning of the vestibular apparatus

  • alleviation of dizziness 

FSC-bracelet «Magnate» diffuses the information of Functional State Correctors: «Success», FSC «Golden Sand», FSC « Fortune», FSC «Zdrava».


To know more about the FSC-bracelets please read the article: 10 essential things to know before buying an FSC-bracelet

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