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The FSC-bracelet «Stork» might help its user realise the dream of becoming a parent.

It helps to

  • Restore one’s connection to ancestors to obtain their support and protection

  • Eliminate psychological blockages from the past associated with being a parent

  • Relieve trauma related to transgenerational transmissions (concerns that are kept secret, hidden, unspoken, unknowns, grief)

  • Strengthen and harmonise the emotional bond between parents and children

  • Build and preserve harmonious relationships within the family between generations

  • Maintain a psycho-emotional balance during  pregnancy

  • Restore energy and promote inner strength

  • Raise consciousness in order to help to create a balance between maternal/paternal instinct, child benefits, personal interests and family life

  • Unleash creativity


On a physical level, it contributes to:

  • Prevention and treatment of various gynaecological diseases

  • Restoration and maintenance of hormonal balance

  • Normal functioning of the reproductive system

  • Restoration and harmonisation of the functioning of the nervous system

  • Acceleration of recovery following diseases of different origins

  • Strengthening of immunity functions

The FSC-bracelet «Stork» diffuses information from the following places:

  • Water Source of Reverend Sergius of Radonez, Russia

  • Water source in Mongolia

  • Ulug-Khurtuyakh-Tas water source, Republic of Khakassie

  • The old sanctuary of the village of Bogurai, Rostov region, Russia

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