The FSC « Brother in arms » can contribute to the proper functioning of the:


  • Circulatory system

  • Immune system

On the core cellular-informational level, the FSC « Brother in arms » helps organisms to cope with various disorders and diseases, including:

  • metabolic disorders

  • vegetative-vascular dystonia

  • skin diseases or lesions

  • thromboses

  • restoration of physical strength

  • immune deficiency

  • autoimmune diseases

  • diseases of the cardiovascular system​


FSC « Brother in arms » assists with:

  • re-education after a trauma

  • accelerated rehabilitation after surgery

It can help to:

  • Harmonise on the emotional sphere

The FSC « Brother in arms » diffuses information of the water of Lake Kamenskoye near Meniouchi, Shimski district, Novgorod region, Russia.

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