FUNCTIONAL STATE CORRECTOR «INCA» can help to:​

  • Appeal to the depths of your subconscious mind so that you can better understand yourself and your predestination 

  • Increase the body-mind-spirit  connection, and perceive connections between the subtle and material worlds

  • Switch from a state of contemplation to action

  • Be in the «current» - unity of spiritual and physical components of one’s space of being, when the individual comes to self-realisation in particular deeds in accordance with their own predestination

  • Enter the state of harmony of body and soul

  • Fill ourselves with calm and powerful energy, to clear up senses, inducing an active life position

  • Get out of energetic, emotional, and spiritual standstill

It promotes:

  • Spiritual evolution of its user

  • Manifestation of intuitive thoughts and committing of intuitive steps

  • Development of ability to foresee events, take decisions, influence events, reach the goals quicker and easier

  • Self-reliance and confidence for the future

  • Manifestation of creative abilities 

  • Better understanding of contribution of every thought, word and deed into the general energetic state of the Planet

  • Adaptability of the organism to changes and the influence of various negative factors

FSC « Inca » contains the polarisation from various places of power in Machu-Pikchu (Peru)