This Functional State Corrector:


  • Programs consciousness for enhanced healing

  • Promotes psychic harmonisation processes at the subconscious level

  • Normalises the functioning of the nervous system

  • Helps to keep the balance between excitation and inhibition

  • Helps to manage anger and overcome aggression

  • Removes inner tension and stress

  • On the psycho-emotional level, it brings harmony, peace and serenity and helps to restore and maintain emotional balance

  • Raises self-awareness, allowing the user to be "here" and "now"

  • Expands consciousness

  • Initiates the processes of purification and liver regeneration in case of problems such as intoxication, hepatic steatosis, hepatitis and cirrhosis.

  • May restore metabolism and  weight balance

  • Helps to regulate the functioning of the different systems: cardiovascular, endocrine, digestive.

This Functional State Corrector is very good for animals with any kind of problems.

FSC «Spring of Lamas» diffuses information of water from the spring called «Spring of Lamas» in Mongolia

The Functional State Corrector (FSC) is a magnetic device, which constantly diffuses information favorable to all living forms.

All Functional State Correctors (FSC)

  •     Protect from electromagnetic radiation

  •     Increase resistance and adaptability to negative factors of the environment

  •     Structure water or any other liquid, including the liquids of our body

  •     Restore energy balance and promote inner harmony

  •     Promote revitalization and well-being

You Are a Vibrational Being in a Vibrational Univers. 

FSC Counselor is not a medical doctor. Therefore, his advice is never a substitute for conventional medical or mental health psychological diagnosis and treatment and should never be regarded as such.   Disclaimer & Legal Liability Waiver

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