How to use FSC?




The main recommendation of the use of Functional State Correctors is to regularly drink plenty of structured water. It’s a key point to emphasize the FSC influence. Our cells are accustomed to obtain information through water. And FSC directly affects the memory of water.


To structure water, as well as any other drinks, place a glass, a bottle, a jug or any other container with of aqueous medium on an FSC. Depending on the volume of water, the structuring time will be different.


For FSC of Blue series: allow about 15 minutes for a full bottle of water and 5 minutes for a 200 ml glass of water.  


Regarding certain FSCs of the exclusive series or collection series, the duration of water structuring varies a lot, and that is why we provide you with tables with structuring times for different FSCs here.


Structuring water (and all aqueous objects such as cream, food, etc.) is preferable using a single Functional State Corrector at a time in order to avoid mixing data from various correctors and to preserve the integrity of the information.


Drink at least 30 ml of water per kilogram of body weight per day, separately from beverages. It is not all that easy.  So if you are not used to drinking a lot of water increase the amount of water you drink progressively.


Water can store FSC information up to 6 months according to Russian researchers. It is recommended that you shake the bottle with structured water before drinking it, so that the information, transmitted by the FSC, can take over from any other information. However, negative information infiltrates when the water is stored near electric devices such as computer, refrigerators, microwaves, and TVs.  In this case, we advise you to structure the water again before using it.


It is ineffective to structure water before boiling it or before heating it to make tea, for example. Indeed, the simple fact of boiling the water modifies its structure. It is therefore very important to structure any drink or food after cooking.



The simplest way of using the FSC is just to carry it along with you by changing places from time to time. One FSC can be held during an extended time close to the unhealthy organ or painful areas.



Generally, it is advisable to keep the FSC at the solar plexus, but you can put it anywhere near you.



You can carry the several correctors at the same time, but the number depends on your personal energy level. In the beginning, I advise you to carry no more than 2 correctors at the same time. In order to work properly, FSCs should not be superimposed and should be placed at least 8 cm from each other.









Energy rebalancing with FSCs helps to relieve pain, to improve sleep, provide relaxation and help you manage different emotional problems as well as to increase vital energy.

Here I give the example of 3 main rebalancing exercises.




You need from 2 to 4 FSCs.

Place one Functional State Corrector under the left foot. The FSC must be closer to the toes. Hold the second FSC with your right hand above the head (hold with all fingers). Stay still for 3 to 5 minutes. Repeat this procedure again by placing one FSC under the right foot and another FSC in the left hand for 3 to 5 minutes.

If you have 4 FSCs, place 2 FSC s under your feet and take the other 2 in your hands.

Stay still for at least 3 minutes




You need 2 FSCs.

Sitting or lying down place the first FSC under the coccyx and the second FSC on the last cervical vertebra for 3 to 5 minutes.


Method with 2 FSCs (Sitting or lying down)

Place one FSC under the coccyx and keep it for the duration of the exercise.

Move the second FSC from one energy center (chakra) to another in the order shown on the diagram starting by Chakra n1 and finishing by Chakra n6. The seventh chakra, coronal chakra, located at the top of the head, should not be used during recharging, but it will automatically be opened with this exercise energy.


Hold the FSC at least 3 minutes on each energy center (chakra).


There exist many more different types of energy rebalancing exercises depending on your personal energy level and your precise problematics. When you use my service: ”A personal selection of Functional State Correctors” you will receive the list of Functional State Correctors appropriate to your energy and which are the best for your issues and the specific detailed instructions how to use them. Click here to see an example.



By using your ability to visualize, verbal or mental formulation of the desired result, you can channel the action of Mayan or Cosmoenergetic energy channels to find a solution to your problems.


To use an FSC with Mayan or Cosmoenergetic channels in active mode, place FSC on the Heart Chakra (please look at the drawing below), hold it with your hand and concentrate on the feeling of joy and gratitude, visualising the desired result for 5 to 15 minutes (examples: healing of disease, a successful project, a harmonious relationship, a fulfilling professional activity...). Then you can leave the FSC aside. It will work on your problem remotely, without it being necessary to carry it on you.


Example: If you have a pain in your lungs, because of cancer, take the FSC Olguir in your hands and visualize the lightness, imagine that your pain has disappeared. Feel the joy and gratitude.


Remember: FOR CREATIVE VISUALIZATION, IT’S NOT ABOUT WHAT YOU SEE, IT’S ABOUT WHAT YOU FEEL! The energy channels respond to the user's thought-forms, living images that are kept in the user's mind...


Thus, when you work with FSCs which contains Mayan Cosmoenergetic channels in active mode, there is a certain specificity:


  • It is necessary to formulate precisely the ultimate objective you want to achieve. Never try to specify how (in what way) the desired result is to be achieved, just specify the desired result with as much detail as possible. You are interested in the result, not the process

  • Be able to focus on solving the problem. Feel the sincere emotion and visualize the desired result.


You can make energy rebalancing during creative visualization with Mayan or Cosmoenergetic energy channels. Here is the example of the exercise for corrector with Mayan energy channels

  • Place an FSC under the coccyx and remain seated for 2 minutes. Connect to the FSC and visualize your wish as if it had already been fulfilled

  • Place the FSC on the top of your head continuing visualization for 2 minutes

  • Hold the FSC in your hands, at thymus level continuing visualization for 2 more minutes.


You will receive specific detailed instructions and exercise to do when you will choose my service ”A personal selection of Functional State Correctors”.

You Are a Vibrational Being in a Vibrational Univers. 

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