Functional State Correctors are wonderful products with proven effectiveness, but nowadays there are over 120 different ones and by reading their descriptions we can sometimes have difficulty in making the right choice.

When a person has complicated health problems to treat combined with difficulties in several other aspects of their life, choosing this type of product based solely on their description does not allow for a precise selection.

To choose FSC by description is not always a very good idea


The frequency of each person is unique and the roots of their problems are very different from the problems of other individuals

The action of each FSC is greater, than is declared by the manufacturer, and many of FSCs have hidden potentials or areas of positive influences on your physical and energetic bodies

In order to obtain the best result with a frequency product like the Functional State Corrector it is very important to correctly choose the FSC that will correspond your own energy and which will eliminate the root of your problem

In his last internet conference on the 20th November 2019 «Functional State Corrector in questions and answers»  the scientific director and inventor of FSCs Sergey Koltsov stresses that the Functional State Correctors are created for preventive action, but they can be used for therapeutic purposes if they were selected by resonance with your body.


The solution is to find a professional who has a deep knowledge of Functional State Correctors and who knows how to read the frequencies and to ask this specialist to make a personal selection for you, based on your vibrations and the frequencies of each product.


I grew up immersed in spirituality and holistic therapy as a way of life since a child, and have continued to develop this through my professional career as a Reiki Master, Functional State Corrector Counselor, therapist and trainer, Сosmoenergy Master, Healer and a Naturopath.


I’m Russian-born, and from early childhood, I have always been fascinated by the concept that we are energy beings experiencing through a physical body and thus can heal body and mind through addressing imbalances in the energy field.


In 2011 I discovered Functional State Correctors (FSC) and fell in love with this multifunctional healing tool that protects us, raises our vibrations, clears physical and emotional issues and much more. Through all the different modalities I benefited from, I found nothing as easy, flexible, applicable, or effective as Functional State Correctors.


Functional State Correctors have enhanced and strengthened my healing qualities and expanded my vision for what was possible for my health and my life.  They lit a fire in me and truly changed my life. So I have decided to tell you about these devices that I am sure can accelerate the evolution of humanity, because your healing is my healing, and we are in this together.


I hold a strong intention for everyone to live a life of alignment with themselves and the rhythms of our earth. And I feel that FSCs can help each person to achieve the state of vibrant vitality that can lead to expansion of consciousness, to hold in awe of our Planet.





You send me the list of your problems from various areas of your life (health, relationship, finance...) with your recent photo and your full name and your date of birth.


I will then confirm whether you can make a payment. Upon receiving your payment I will perform a distance radiesthesia session (without your presence).


I choose what Functional State Correctors are better to use for each problem. Based on your frequencies I will prioritise the problems to work on as well as the correct Functional State Correctors to use at first. I also will give you detailed instructions how to use the FSCs.

You Are a Vibrational Being in a Vibrational Univers. 

FSC Counselor is not a medical doctor. Therefore, his advice is never a substitute for conventional medical or mental health psychological diagnosis and treatment and should never be regarded as such.   Disclaimer & Legal Liability Waiver

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