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Chapter 2 Russian healers



Tom Peter Rietdorf is a healer who practises throughout Europe in close collaboration with conventional doctors and hospitals. It was during his childhood that he discovered his natural predisposition for healing. Despite the evidence of his gifts, he gradually abandoned them in adulthood and devoted himself to a career as a business leader. In 2000, a long-term illness interrupted his professional activity. In the summer of 2007, he founded the Herz-Energie Institute in Bavaria, where he trains therapists. In 2009 he developed the Kahi-Healing® method, an innovative quantum therapy based on traditional Chinese medicine and new Russian therapeutic methods.

In this chapter the healer and author of the book “Russian healing techniques: Activate the self-healing powers with spiritual technologies”, Mr Rietdorf shares his impressions about the effectiveness of Koltsov plates and tells us about their inventor Serguei Koltsov.


...Below we present the greatest contemporary healers of Russian origin. They have all led us to become actors and creators of our reality, thanks to the technologies of the mind. According to their conception, you will not need chemical molecules, expensive technical medicine or any other remedy - you are your best remedy! What a panacea!

This principle is the central point of the teaching of each of the representatives of Russian therapeutic technologies. It means that we should not apply this knowledge dogmatically but in an individualised way since everyone is unique. It is in this respect of singularity that therapeutic concepts must be considered, like a key that only fits one lock. The intention and the targeted concentration are already the first guarantors of this. …..



Sergei Koltsov, a mathematician and member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, has worked for several years in the aerospace industry. He directed the construction of the "Buran" spaceship and the "Zenit" launcher. Koltsov works for the preservation of the planet and the maintenance of health. As a scientist, he is aware that the earth's magnetic field varies and that this has negative impacts on the health of humanity. He has been working for a long time to develop a system capable of harmonising and minimising the effects of these fluctuations. About 15 years ago, he developed a Functional State Correctors (FSC). In the West, they are also known as "Koltsov plates" [Kolzov-Platten]. 

These Functional State Correctors are about the size of a credit card, have been sold in Russia since 1990 and are among the most popular alternative medicine products in the former USSR countries. A product which has been recognised by the scientific community, and in particular by the Moscow researcher V.F Scharko and Professor E.M Barigow. As part of the launch, FSCs were presented at a major conference in May 2010 at the Cosmos Hotel in Moscow, which was attended by researchers and doctors from all over the world. The feedback was very good. In conclusion, it was found that the Koltsov plates were able to harmonise the biosphere within a radius of 20 meters and raise to a higher-order level wherever they are carried. And this is not only true for health, but also for everything that contains energy. The Koltsov plates can also be of merit in saving electricity and energy. 

In the light of ancestral knowledge stemming from Druidism and fundamental research from the Austrian Viktor Schauberger, the Functional State Correctors were loaded with positive energy information. They harmonise not only the human organism but also the energy of the electromagnetic field and the ambient cosmic waves. To be in good health is to be in an optimal and unchanging state. As for the disease, it is always the result of a lower energy state, which the Koltsov plates can control.

The German Life-Test Institute in Emmendingen wanted to know more and examined the Functional State Correctors in 2011. The test subjects had serious health problems and were exposed to a high level of negative radiation: during a phone call on their mobile phone, for example. The results were absolutely staggering. The Koltsov plates were able to correct the dissonances and bring the energy system back to ideal values in each of the cases observed. In older adults, the energy data measured corresponded to those usually found in healthy adolescents. The comparison of before and after images taken using the dark field microscope technique impressively demonstrates the effects of these miraculous plates. For the time being, the information recorded on Functional State Correctors is kept secret by their inventor.



I (Tom Peter Rietdort) had the opportunity to meet Sergei Koltsov in July 2011 and to experiment with the first eight Functional State Correctors and many other energy prototypes. I repeat the Koltsov plates are simply prodigious works of science. They interact with the whole environment. They seem to orchestrate communication, along with different themes. They bring order and structure in a matter of seconds. It is not only the functioning of Functional State Correctors that is remarkable, Sergei Koltsov is himself a fascinating man. In a flash, he grasps the entire surrounding environment: people, nature, animals, even the tiniest of larvae, and he even includes in his action or communication all objects, pictures, silhouettes, electrical appliances and so on. He immediately finds the reason why happiness cannot be spread in a particular place, or why a person or an animal loses energy in a particular place.   

During a walk through our beautiful landscapes, I could see how he manages to "read" nature and all that it entails. As he captured both everything and his surroundings with a childlike sense of discovery, he kept coming up with ideas for new Functional State Correctors. In the evening we sat face to face, and he handed me the FSCs one after the other. He was impatient to know what I could discern or feel. His eyes shone, and he rejoiced like a child when I described the places on the body where the plates worked best and when I told him about the information I intuitively received. That day I was able to test between 60 and 70 different plates. I was delighted by their functionality and by the spirit of discovery of their designer. It was really hard to part with some of them, and in fact, I would have liked to have kept them. Unfortunately, they were prototypes for which the time had not yet come.

But I still wanted to know more. I was accompanied by some plates that I had been able to take with me when I met some time afterwards with a veterinarian in Cologne. This veterinarian analysed the blood images of his canine patients under a dark field microscope. I deliberately chose a veterinarian because I wanted to avoid the result being altered by the external perceptions of a human patient. A dog doesn't care whether it is dealing with a healer, a doctor or a taxi driver. The possibility of the patient changing his condition himself, believing in the success of the healing, was thus excluded. 

As a first step, we set up the experiment. We prepared five small, white, sterile containers in which we would later collect blood samples. We placed three Koltsov plates in three of these containers: plate number 1, 2 and 8. The microscope slides were then to be placed directly on the Koltsov plate. The last two containers remained empty for further tests. This was to ensure that the blood could not be contaminated. The veterinarian took a drop of blood from a dog suffering from ehrlichiosis, an infection induced by bacteria, which he then placed on five slides and placed in the sterile containers.

He examined one of the samples under a dark field microscope. One of the things he found was a large platelet cluster. The diagnosis of ehrlichiosis was again clearly confirmed.

We could measure the absolutely astonishing changes that subsequently took place under the influence of Koltsov plates.

It seems inconceivable and yet, within a few minutes, the bacterial disease had disappeared! The dog was not manipulated at any time, he was lying next to us and sleeping, impassive.

Since Functional State Correctors are now available in German-speaking countries, we would like to quickly address their various actions. Here is a short description of the first eight plates: 

FSC n°1: decontaminant, acts against viruses, bacteria, fungi and any other parasitic organism. 

FSC n°2: depurative, purifying and regenerative actions on the body's natural detoxification system, lymphatic system and immune system, regulates metabolism. 

The FSCs n°3 and 4: corrector of Yin for women (3) and Yang for men (4); regulator of the hormonal system. 

FSC n°5: acts on general detoxification (liver, kidneys, pancreas) and fights addiction (sugar, nicotine, alcohol) with a view to cell regeneration. Very effective, even at the level of the psyche. 

The FSC n°6: powerful actions of detoxification of the skin and regeneration of the microflora, supports the restoration of an optimal coverage of essential nutrients. 

The FSC n°7: restructuring actions, revives the function of the epidermis: the skin, this sensor is a receiver and transmitter of the body's internal and external exchanges. 

The FSC n°8 : emits a very powerful universal field which acts in the organisation of all psychic and physical systems. It follows from this field, the most advanced of orders and the surest of adaptations. It is perfectly indicated for meditation and to favour clear ideas and intuitive impulses. 

Sergei Koltsov is currently developing new Functional State Correctors that address other themes. 

I really enjoyed working with the vibratory fields of Koltsov plates. Thanks to the experiments, we can clearly recognise that positive information has a high vibration. Let us now admit that a disease which has a low vibratory frequency is exposed to the high one: it is the latter which will raise the low vibration. The power ratio is 1:15 (low vibration: high vibration). Naturally, the higher the vibration, the greater the decline of the low-frequency vibration. 
















KFS all.jpg



The first sample shows the state of the blood before the experiment begins. 


This image is of blood placed on the n°2 plate for about nine minutes.


This sample remained on plate n°1 for about seven minutes. 


This corresponds to the blood placed on plate n°8 , for about twelve minutes


Here is a picture of a sample that I held in my hands for about six minutes.

The experience during which I held a canine blood sample in my hands also demonstrates that we do not necessarily need external means to call upon our own healing forces. Every human being is capable of transmitting the high vibrations of Creation from within themself. In the third part of the book, we would like to show you with the help of numerous exercises, how you can quickly achieve such results.

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